In case you are not able to participate in the event, you are welcome to find a replacement before 3rd October 2017.
If you prefer a refund we are able to provide the following:

Full refund – before 4th August 2017

You can get a full refund less $50 administration fee if you advise us by email anytime before 11:59PM (CET) 4th August 2017.

50% refund – between 4th August and 3rd October 2017  

50% refund of the total payment if you advise us by email between 4th August to 11:59PM (CET) on 3rd October.

No refund – after 3rd October, 2017

No monetary refund if you advise us after 11:59PM (CET) on 3rd October 2017.

For refunds or change of names please email:

In the case that the event course is – in the opinion of the event organizers – unsafe (for example due to heavy rain, high winds, landslides, “acts of god”), organizers may, at their sole discretion, attempt to re-route the course, find an alternative shortened course or cancel the event.

Organizers also reserve the right to cancel the event for any other reason which may include but is not limited to terrorism and war. If the event is cancelled, re-routed or shortened, no refund or transfer to another event will be made. Due to the scale of the event and travel & commitment involved for competitors, it is not practical to re-schedule the event to any other weekend.