Race Course

The course will pass through remote areas. The course will comprise single track, dirt road, and tarmac. It will be marked using direction arrows, event tape, and marshals. At each decision point the course will be marked. If you ride for a long distance without seeing any marking tape you should turn around and go back to the last marking tape you saw. If you are able to download the course (sent by email one week prior t0 the race) onto a GPS device or phone that may provide reassurance, but you should not need to rely on it. Please remember:

  • You must complete the marked course under your own power.
  • You must stay on the marked course. Short cuts are not permitted. If you get lost return to the last sighted marking.
  • Littering is prohibited and you will be disqualified for it
  • The roads sections are not closed to traffic. Please take extreme care on these sections as motorbikes and cars will be using them too and their driving can be erratic.

Water/Aid stations/Checkpoints

  • There will be water and bananas available at aid stations. All other food you will have to carry for the duration of the race.
  • Call out your number when passing checkpoints to help our staff
  • Outside assistance from supporters is not permitted


  • You are responsible for your own bicycle repairs during the race. Please bring any necessary items such as tubes, pump, lube, tools, extra brake pads etc. that you may need.  See the mandatory gear list.
  • There will be no mechanic service provided on course.

Types of Bikes

  • Serviceable and rideable Mountain Bikes with 26″, 27.5” or 29″ wheel sizes. Both front and rear brakes must be in good working order. You may change bikes in between the stages.
  • No e-bikes, motorized bikes or any sort of powered bikes are permitted in the race. No Cyclocross bikes.


  • Do not trash the track – put all your rubbish in your pack or pockets – you will not see many bins out there! Leave nothing except footprints and tyre tracks. Disqualification is the penalty for intentional littering.


  • Any cut-off times will be announced at or before the start of the stage – the location of these will  depend on weather conditions
  • You must obey directions of VMBM Crew if you miss any time cut-offs


  • If you are in trouble or need medical assistance on the course you must use the emergency number printed on the backside of your race number. If possible please give your phone to a local person as they will be able to tell your exact location to our crew.
  • If you come across an injured rider, please stop to assist. Please ensure the injured person has someone with them. Report the incident to the crew using the emergency number on the back of your race number.
  • If you are unable to call us for any reason, then a fellow should alert our staff of your position and problem asap
  • If you withdraw you MUST inform our race team at a water station or call the phone number on the back of your race bib

Gear & equipment

  • Your race number must be visible at all times on your bicycle.
  • You must wear a suitable bicycle helmet at all times whilst riding.
  • You must carry the mandatory gear at all times during the event. Random gear checks will be performed during the event. Any participant without the mandatory gear will not be able to proceed.
  • The wearing of iPods or other music players with headphones is forbidden at all times on course.

Race Director’s Decision

  • After giving due consideration to all parties, the Race Director´s decision is final.

Breaking any of the rules may incur a time penalty or disqualification.
Any such penalties are at the organizers’ discretion and are final.


Please print, read, sign and bring the Indemnity Form for the race.