We ride bikes to enjoy ourselves, and you’ll be riding to some beautiful and remote places, so let’s look after each other.

You have a lot of rough tracks to ride over the three days and your enjoyment and that of your fellow rider is improved dramatically by making each passing manoeuvre a pleasant experience. Pass safely – it’s always done better with good communication and a positive attitude. If you have a rider right behind you it is likely this person is faster up the hills or has better skills going down. They will want to pass you at the earliest opportunity, so please let them.

Walking on single track. Everybody will walk at some point over the three days – we guarantee it. If you are walking on narrow or technical trails, please be sure to give way to more skilled riders. Step off the track to give them a clear run — and give them encouragement!

Passing through villages and trail traffic. The nature of the event means you will visit some remote spots. The trails you’ll be riding are also used by villagers on foot and motorbike as well as by buffalos, goats and pigs. Please pass with consideration. Pass through settlements at a safe speed and if you can manage a smile or wave it’s more than likely to be returned. Many of the villages have never seen a mountain biker before (unless they saw us setting the course).

Technical sections/sections requiring caution. There will be some sections where riders will need to dismount and walk.  In other parts of the course there will be some trails that are more technical in nature and where deemed necessary, they will feature signs. These signs will be shown to you at the race briefing at Highland Hotel 8:00PM on Thursday night.